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New Arrivals at Roma!

Since the start of 2024, I have been hard at work, tasting/scouting the market for the next great thing. Boy, am I excited to be able to share the following with you! To the following producers, I say welcome to the Roma family. We hope for and anticipate a healthy & prosperous partnership.
Joseph Perrier Cuvee Royale Brut Rosé @ $79/btl: This is a criminally underrated champagne house that I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few times over the course of my career. Their rosé is so well textured and balanced. It’s bright, floral, festive, and straight up inviting. With its fruit-forward, expressive nature, I can guarantee it will have you reaching for a second glass!
Sand Point Sauvignon Blanc 2022 @ $16/btl: Admittedly, since I’ve taken over the wine program, our California Sauvignon Blanc section has needed a little bit of love. Well, I’ve been building it up slowly but surely. This is a very good value pour from LangeTwins in Central California that unleashes a fair deal of citrus & pectin, without becoming overly acidic. Come try!
Conti Barbolani Di Montauto Monteriggioni Chianti Riserva 2018 @ $22/btl: We didn’t NEED another Chianti, as our store has historically had a pretty rich selection of high-quality examples. I just couldn’t resist this one, as it is totally textbook: think big notes of tart cherry, cigar box, and a lingering herbaceousness. It’s begging for wild boar, veal, sausage, or even just portobellos!
Camillo Montori Pillole di Magia Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2020 @ $17/btl: No exaggeration, this is the best sub-$20 Montepulciano I’ve ever tasted. The importer is French and has always focused on bringing in wines from there, but this is his first foray into Italy. Keep going, bud! It’s got bombastic red fruit up front, evolving into seductive, buttery tannins. So well put together!
Chateau Du Bois De La Salle Julienas Tradition 2020 @ $23/btl: Most people don’t realize that really great Beaujolais loves a bit of bottle age. When younger, Gamay can pop out the bottle with racy acidity, and get almost overly astringent. That’s why some time causes the wine to “calm down” and show us luscious secondary notes. This is all about the raspberry. So vibrant!
Villa Gozzo Gavi Di Gavi Quartarola 2021 @ $22/btl: Sommeliers are generally able to pick Gavi (the grape Cortese) out of a blind-tasting lineup because it has an unusual and appealing note of almond. This one has that, but also a gorgeous bouquet of yellow flowers, stone fruit, and a good body. Classic food pairings would include sea bass, mussels, risotto, and/or pesto.
House of Brown Chardonnay 2022 @ $24/btl: Cali Chard can be so freakin’ fantastic when it isn’t just one-dimensional. There’s a time and place for everything. I’m not trying to disparage the customer who drinks popcorn juice. It can pair extraordinarily with the right Netflix shows and fish dishes. This wine, though, is so zesty & fruity, all while retaining an overall creaminess.
Domaine De La Grosse Pierre Fleurie Bel Air 2021 @ $29/btl: Am I a lame for including two Beaujolais’ on this list? Probably. It’s okay - they’re different enough from each other to get their respective gold stars. Now this guy is a bit more crunchy, more tannic. It’s like a one-way ticket to France. You’ll be frantically searching for the pate, rillettes or salad niçoise to serve with it.
Skinner Vineyards Cinsault El Dorado 2022 @ $33/btl: Is it summer yet? No? Whatever, I’m already wearing my Hawaiian shirt. This grape varietal is so interesting, because depending on where it’s grown and how it’s treated, it can morph vastly. In this case, it’s a light to medium-bodied dynamo that wants to be chilled. Think pomegranate, think pepper, think yum!
Louis Robin Chablis 1er Cru Butteaux 2021 @ $39/btl: Well-crafted Chablis should display a refreshing lemoniness with a notable flintiness on the finish. This wine has that and more! I’m thrilled to finally have found a Premier Cru that warrants its price. I was really impressed with this one. It’s broad-shouldered, but it’s got seriously pretty notes of bosc pear & fresh thyme.
12 e Mezzo Organic Primitivo Puglia IGT 2020 @ $18/btl: Primitivo is the genetic ancestor of Zinfandel, and here, you can definitely tell. It’s intensely ripe and dense, without attaining an aggressive amount of alcohol. It’s big, but it’s supple. It’s also incredibly versatile. You can have it with your pizza & pasta on a Wednesday night, but you can also bring it to your next BBQ!
Quilt Thread Count Red Blend @ $21/btl: If there’s one thing that can be said about Joe Wagner, it’s that he has a signature style. When he releases a wine, you know it’s his. What do I mean like that? Think explosive jamminess. Think unapologetic big fruit, high alcohol, and an almost port-like disposition. It’s undoubtedly built for ribs, flavorful stews, and smashburgers.
Domaine Raimbault-Pineau Coteaux du Giennois Rosé 2022 @ $15/btl: While the general public has fallen in love with Provencal rosé and the surrounding culture, the industry nerds have been hoarding all the Loire Valley stuff. This is from a town near Sancerre, and it has that beautiful slate minerality & sharpness. Have it with anything from tuna tostadas to Thai shrimp!
Dean Creek Estate Shiraz 2021 @ $16/btl: I find that Southern hemisphere Syrah/Shiraz under $20 is often kind of sloppy and disjointed. This one has all the blackberry and spice I’ve come to expect, but I like its depth of character considering the price. It has the slightest bit of Northern Rhone herbal charm, all while staying true to Australia. Could well become a mainstay here.
Smallfry Tangerine Dream White Blend Barossa 2022 @ $30/btl: This winemaker has been making orange wine long before it became trendy and the hip thing to do. You can tell, because it’s honestly in a league of its own. It’s zingy, featuring notes of mandarin, nectarine, and chamomile. It has an impressive amount of tannin. Pair it with Mediterranean food. Trust me!
With love & vines,
André Robert Guérin
Wine, Cider & Asian Specialties Buyer
Roma Wine & Liquors