Wolffer No. 139 / Dry Rose Cider / 12oz | 355ml

Wolffer No. 139 / Dry Rose Cider / 12oz | 355ml

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Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider is made exclusively from New York State apples. A sizeable portion (15%) are grown locally at the Halsey Farm in Bridgehampton, just 3.6 miles from our vineyard. The majority (85%) of the apples in this special cider are grown by DeFisher Fruit Farms near Rochester, New York. Winemaker and Partner Roman Roth chooses dessert apples (vs. cider apples) prized for their flavor and aromatics. 

Winemaker’s Notes:

Clear with a subtle blush, our rosé cider gives aromas of fresh-picked apple and lilac with hints of strawberries and yeast. The mouth-feel is light, lively and fresh. On the palate, classic hard cider characteristics—crisp-tart acidity, a refreshing CO2 mousse, bright fruit and a hint of sweetness—balance beautifully.

Technical Data:

All fruit for this third release was grown in 2014. On Long Island and in upstate New York, 2014 was a year of low humidity. It was a fantastic growing season producing pure and intense aromatics and flavors.

Through a selective taste-test, the apples were chosen, each to contribute a distinct character. They were gently pressed in early March 2015. The juice was well-settled for three days and carefully racked of any sediment. The clean juice was inoculated with the wine yeast Epernay 2 to start fermentation, which was carried out at a cool 61° F, and finished after 14 days. The hard cider was then chilled and allowed to rest sur lie for one month, then filtered for clarity. The vibrant light rosé color was achieved by adding a small amount of red grape skin extract. The finished product was carbonated and bottled at East Coast Crush in Naples, New York.

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