Vincent Gaudry / Sancerre / Le Tournebride / 750mL

Vincent Gaudry / Sancerre / Le Tournebride / 750mL

  • $30.00

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Vincent Gaudry was the first winemaker to adopt biodynamic farming in Sancerre becoming fully certified in 2004 - long before anyone else dared to take such a courageous leap in the area. He is passionate about the notion of soil and lives day and night to express the minute details of his cherished land under his vines. Responsible care for the earth is an obsession for Gaudry, and many have since followed in his footsteps in the region thanks to his beliefs and vision. 

Le Tournebride is a blend of all three soil compositions - limestone, clay and flint - and it thrives on the rich power and weight of the ripe concentrated biodynamic Sauvignon Blanc grapes to translate these soils in your glass. Even though this wine sees no oak one would swear it was aged in barrels. There is a creamy richness to it that sits well with the melon and guava fruit all  speckled with sweet green herbs. This wine expresses very gentle soft minerality and highlights the joyful fruit inherent in the grape. 2018 was a warm vintage and you can taste the extra heat. 

Le Tournebride makes for a nice easy but serious introduction to the world of Sancerre - ideal for someone who has traditionally enjoyed drinking New Zealand and other new world Sauvignon Blanc. This is also a fine food wine, robust enough to be versatile throughout a meal.


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