Tenuta delle Terre Nere / Etna Bianco 2019 / 750mL

Tenuta delle Terre Nere / Etna Bianco 2019 / 750mL

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Grape: Carricante

Geography: Sicily, Italy

Appellation: Etna Bianco DOC

Features: Organic


Winemaker's Notes

I first made this wine in 2005. I wanted to remove that more or less 5% of white grapes that the local vignerons used to mingle with their red ones, in order to make my Etna Rosso from red grapes alone. The white grapes were a mumbo-jumbo of local varieties: Carricante, Catarratto, Grecanico, Inzolia and Minnella. So that’s what my Etna Bianco was: a field blend of all the above, with Carricante dominating the blend with roughly 65%. And that’s what it still is *. All from old vines. And, somehow, it works. A perfectly lovely wine. With the effortless uplift of a dancer, it allows me to let it go freely through life, malo included, without it ever losing its bright demeanor and lively step. Deviously drinkable, still it always clings, leaving one wondering how it delights and where do the goodies come from. In aging, the noblesse of the Etna and its remarkable terroir emerge. And the loveliness turns thoughtful and deepens, still graceful, never redundant. Fish, meat or fowl, all are fine, if very gently cooked. It loves seafood, particularly over pasta: after all, it is Sicilian.

* Varietals:Carricante 65%, Catarratto 20%, Grecanico 10%, Minnella 5%


Wine Style

A great Carricante is best described as a dry Riesling look-alike, when five to ten years old, it expresses very obvious flinty, diesel-fuel aromas just as Riesling does. It is very refined and pure in its graceful mineral aromas and racy, lemony flavors, complicated by aniseed, green apple, orange flower, chamomile, and unripe apricot. It is one of only a handful of Italian white wines that age well, benefitting from 10 years or more. It’s penetrating aromas, saline flavors, and extremely high acidity are something not everyone gets used to, but those who do are usually hooked for life. - https://carricante.com/grape/

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