Tanqueray / Rangpur

Tanqueray / Rangpur

  • $35.00

Ultimate Beverage Challenge 87 points - Fresh on the nose, aromas are full of lime and lemon zest and mint. Pillowy in texture, the flavor of juicy lime mingles with toned down juniper and eucalyptus for a distinctly fruity and zesty character. Lime zest lingers pleasantly on the palate..March/2017

Nature brought a Tanqueray twist to America’s favorite imported gin: India’s rare Rangpur lime. With the introduction of Rangpur, Tanqueray answers the call of young consumers - those evolving sophisticates seeking refined flavor in contemporary spirits. Tanqueray Rangpur offers a subtle gin taste with the juiciness of an orange and the zestiness of lime for effortless, versatile drinking that’s perfectly suited to fresh ingredients. Quadruple-distillation, micro-filtration and the infusion of nature’s finest botanicals produces exceptional smoothness in this unique gin. Super premium Tanqueray Rangpur is a classy, social tipple. The U.S. volume of Tanqueray gin is growing five times faster than the entire spirits category. Be part of the evolution. Experiment with Tanqueray Rangpur.

41.3% alcohol


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