Port Charlotte / Islay Barley / 750mL

Port Charlotte / Islay Barley / 750mL

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Heavily  Peated  Islay  Single  Malt,  made  exclusively  from  100%  local  Islay  grain.  Islay 

barley was Bruichladdich’s earliest 

introduction to the Distillery’s intense focus on 

ingredients transparency.


from barley harvested from eight

different farms on the island, each regional 

Islay  Barley  release  showcases  the  influence  of   merciless  Atlantic  environment  on 



grown  grain,  delicately  matched  against  the  dry  smoke  of  the  spirit.  Matured  in 

First Fill Broubon casks and Second Fill

Wine casks


Tasting Notes

Vanilla, milk chocolate and black pepper, wrapped in earthy smoke

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