Monte Quieto / Alegre Gran Corte  / 750ml

Monte Quieto / Alegre Gran Corte / 750ml

  • $17.00

Agustin Casabal and Matilde Pereda decamped to the Agrelo countryside in 2001 and have marked their evolution as wine growers with the birth of their children. That year they planted their first grapes, the same year their first child, Leon, was born. The first harvest was in 2003, when their daughter Violeta was born. Two years later they made their first wine, and a year after that, when their second daughter Jacinta was born, Monte Quieto won its first medal at the Argentine Wine Awards. In 2009, when daughter Antonio was born, Monte Quieto began working with Malbec.

The family maintains three vineyards in three distinct regions of Mendoza. In Agrelo, on the same plot where the family lives, they've planted Cabernet Franc, which does well in the alluvial loam soil there. Another plot is in Ugarteche, where 50-year-old Malbec vines are tended. The last vineyard is in Valle de Uco, the high-altitude region where some of Mendoza's finest wines are being made. At 3,300 feet above sea level, with a huge diurnal temperature range, the grapes develop complex fruit flavors and aromas as well as vibrant acidity and sturdy tannins. Monte Quieto strives to express the terroir of its land in every bottle it produces, carefully matching varietals with plots of land.

Agustin and Matilde believe blending grape varietals creates more elegant and complex wine. Because of their love of Bordeaux blends, they opted to concentrate on Cabernet Franc, an unusual choice for Mendoza wineries at the time but one that has shown great results. 

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