Misceo / Coffee Liqueur / 750mL

Misceo / Coffee Liqueur / 750mL

  • $33.00

From the producer:

I started blending and mixing my way to this recipe in my Brooklyn kitchen with one simple dream in mind: to make the perfect coffee liqueur for my friends and family. It had to be a high-quality product with a rich and luxurious flavor, so I used only the best ingredients. It took some time perfecting, but we got there, and before long strangers were asking for it by name: Misceo.

Some years have passed since those early days, but I am so proud to now offer the world a professionally finished product that encapsulates the same elegance and luxury that I first captured at home. Sure, some things have changed, but the most important things have stayed the same. We still only use the highest quality ingredients; we are still meticulous in our attention to detail; and we still produce a rich, luxurious and exquisitely elegant coffee liqueur.

Misceo is the perfect blend of buttery caramel notes from pure Colombian coffee beans perfectly tempered by rich Italian roast. The floral brightness of vanilla is rounded off by a touch of fresh cane sugar. These remarkable flavors are then carefully fused by five times distilled, super premium vodka, combining simple ingredients for a complex result.

As a mom and a business woman I understand the desire to have it all and the need to find balance in all things. While it takes hard work and sacrifice to achieve our goals, we always strive for those perfect moments when it all comes together in harmonious unity. It is in the spirit of these moments that we offer you Misceo, the ultimate blend of sophistication and indulgence — in short, pure, unfettered elegance.

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