Mic Drop /  Straight Rye Whiskey 4.0 / 750mL / 2 per person

Mic Drop / Straight Rye Whiskey 4.0 / 750mL / 2 per person

  • $82.00

Mic.Drop is a no-nonsense approach to bourbon. It's traditional, but complex and has a defined character found in the apple and banana notes. The rye hangs around long enough to be appreciated, but not long enough to overstay its welcome. Complete with a balanced punch of sweetness, this company's approach to an American classic will strike a chord with those who love bourbon and American tradition.

This is a flavor bomb of a Bourbon. Concentrated caramel coats the palate from the first sip right into the finish accented with mouthwatering hints of espresso, clove and orange peel. This is a custom blend commissioned by spirits maverick Nicolas Palazzi of PM spirits. He's defiantly transparent about where the whiskey is sourced— Indiana's MGP— a blend of 20 casks, the cask number even appears on the back label. Limited edition, 3,358 bottles total.



CATEGORY American Whiskey/Bourbon

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