Melsheimer / Riesling Rurale 2018 / 750mL

Melsheimer / Riesling Rurale 2018 / 750mL

  • $30.00

Grape: Riesling

Geography: Mosel, Germany

Appellation: Mosel

Features: Pétillant naturel, No added sulfer


For five generations, and thus almost two hundred years, the Melsheimer family has been growing fine Riesling wines on the steep slopes around the village of Reil, situated in the Middle Mosel. About fifty per cent of our vineyards are classified as “Steilstlage”. Which means that these are very small, very steep, slate dry stone wall-supported vineyards. Along the Mosel River Valley, only 5 per cent of all the vineyards belong to that type. Thorsten Melsheimer, quite, tough, exacting, while being as traditional as a winemaker comes, is focused on reinvigorating the classical Mosel expression. “All these elements come from the vineyard”.

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