Leopold Bros / Aperitivo / 750mL

Leopold Bros / Aperitivo / 750mL

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In line with the traditional Italian style, the spirit centers around major flavor components: bitterness from gentian root and sweetness from cane sugar. Citrus is the third major component, so we add distilled coriander and grapefruit peels to give Leopold Bros. Aperitivo a bright, citrus aroma. We mix these components with a variety of fragrant flowering botanicals, including hyssop and Artemsia pontica. We color the cordial with natural cochineal, which adds the vibrant red color that one expects from a traditional Aperitivo as it has been used in spirits for hundreds of years. Leopold Bros. Aperitivo makes the ideal Negroni with our Leopold’s Navy Strength American Gin.

The first American-made Aperitivo, and adhering to the traditional Italian styles. Truly unique as its vibrant red is 100% natural: no artificial coloring like Red No. 3. A beautiful nose from our grapefruit peels and proprietary aromatic plants. Perfect for Negroni, Spritz, or simply with soda.

Aperitivo’s base spirit is vodka, which Leopold distills from wheat, potatoes and malted barley. He then re-distills the vodka in two separate batches: one with grapefruit peel, the other with coriander, saving only the best parts of each of those distillations. In a mixing tank, the grapefruit and coriander distillates are blended, then allowed to macerate for two to three weeks with cane sugar and a blend of botanicals: hyssop, petite wormwood, gentian root, vanilla and sarsaparilla root.

Leopold Bros. is a family owned and operated distillery in Denver, Colorado. We create award-winning whiskies, gins, vodka, liqueurs, fernet, and absinthe. We malt our barley. We mill our grains. We ferment our mash. We distill everything onsite. We never add artificial ingredients. We barrel and bottle everything by hand. And we invite you to enjoy our spirits responsibly.

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