Le Coeur de la Reine / Touraine Sauvignon / 750ml

Le Coeur de la Reine / Touraine Sauvignon / 750ml

  • $16.00

100% Sauvignon Blanc

VINEYARDS | Of the 29 hectares of estate vineyards owned by the Marteau family, 20 are planted to Sauvignon Blanc. These vines average 30 years in age and are meticulously tended by the family. Short-cane pruning, selective ploughing, spring de-budding, deleafing, grass cover throughout the vineyard and green harvest practices all lend to limited yields and best quality fruit at harvest.

WINEMAKING | Skin maceration for 60% of the cuvee for 6 hours, gentle pneumatic pressing, and a cool maceration (5°C/41°F) for 7 days. Fermentation at 17°C/63°F for 3-4 weeks followed by elevage in tank on the lees.

TASTING NOTES | The nose offers an intense fruit basket dominated by citrus scents with a note of blackcurrant bud. In the mouth, all is suppleness and elegance. The final spicy note emphasizes the freshness and the generous length of this Touraine Sauvign

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