Kosovec / Skrlet Selekcjia 2017 / 750mL

Kosovec / Skrlet Selekcjia 2017 / 750mL

  • $19.00

Grape: Škrlet

Geography: Continental, Croatia

Appellation:  KZP Moslavina

Features: Organic


A revival of Skrlet was on the mind of young Ivan Kosovec from the town of Popovača in Continental Croatia and an indigenous varietal of the region of Moslavina. It was a vine that only grows in this hilly area and nowhere else in the world, the grape is an unknown varietal outside of these regional walls. The grape has tiny red “freckles” so Skrlet is derived from the German word “scharlach”, meaning a speckled or dotted surface that are reminiscent those of a Scarlet fever rash. Driven by his passion on hands off winemaking Kosovec made this ordinary, almost forgotten, table grape into something extraordinary not only reviving the planting of more vines but also the elevation of taste and structure of days past.


Importer's Notes

There are less than 70 total hectares of Škrlet planted in the world, all of it in central Croatia, which makes it a rare and special wine.

Tasting Notes: Škrlet is the perfect refreshing wine, with good natural acidity, great balance and high minerality in combination with beautiful nose which resembles of meadow flowers, honey, lime-tree, a hint of light spices and citrus finish.

Food Pairing: Škrlet is great pairing with all kinds of food, from light meat (great with all poultry), fish and seafood to light and dry, salty cheeses.



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