Kook Soon Dang / Makgeolli / 750mL

Kook Soon Dang / Makgeolli / 750mL

  • $5.00

Makgeolli is one of Korea's alcoholic beverages.

It has a unique fermentation method for the brewing of rice wine. Unlike the regular methods of producing rice wine, Kooksoondang grinds raw rice with nuruk (Korean traditional fermentation starter) and brews them without steaming


Raw material: 100% Korean rice, Nuruk

Geography: South Korea 

Featrue: pastorized.


"Enjoy our Original Makgeolli with smooth and milky taste from 100% selected Korean rice and clean mineral water. It has reach amino acids carefully fermnented from only the highest quality ingredients available. Keep chilled and gently shake before drinking for better taste and rich flavor."

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