Kamotsuru Shuzo / Kamotsuru Tokusei Gold Daiginjo Sake

Kamotsuru Shuzo / Kamotsuru Tokusei Gold Daiginjo Sake

  • $10.00

Category: Sake - Daiginjo

Geography: Chugoku, Japan

Alcohol by volume: 16.4%

Features: No sulfites added

This "Kanmotsuru Tokusei Gold" is known as the first Daiginjo Sake ever produced and seen in the history of sake making in Japan. Elegant aroma with dry flavor, yet very rich and deep.Milling Rate: 50% Alcohol: 16.4%Rice: Hattan, Koi-omachi, OmachiSake Meter Value: +1.5Acidity: 1.4

Kamotsuru Shuzo traces its history back to 1623, though it really only began production under the Kamotsuru name in 1873. Though not Japan's oldest sake brewery, it is one of the most respected.

The company's name, like so many in Japanese, benefits from a clever double meaning. Kamo is both a reference to a chain of mountains from which the brewery gets its water, and Kamo(su) is also the verb to make sake. The second half of the company's name, Tsuru, means "crane," a noble and very auspicious bird for the Japanese culture.

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