Il Palazzone, Toscana Lorenzo & Isabelle

Il Palazzone, Toscana Lorenzo & Isabelle

  • $50.00

50% Sangiovese, 45% Cabernet Franc, 5% Petit Verdot

Il Palazzone is a small, family-owned farm located close to the town of Montalcino in the heart of the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG zone. Around 2000 cases are produced annually from Sangiovese Grosso grown in three vineyards, each located in a distinct part of the appellation. The distinctive, non-vintage Rosso del Palazzone is a blend of wines from several vintages. Native New Yorker Richard Parsons is the owner, Maurizio Castelli makes the wine.

We prune and select our grapes on the vine throughout the year so as to have the best possible expression of each vintage. The maximum yield allowed for the production of Brunello is 7.000 kg per hectare and we rarely pick more than 5.000 kg per hectare.

Fermentation takes place in beautiful wooden 50 HL barrels. The tannins in the oak are an anti-oxidant. This, combined with the micro-oxygenation permitted by the wood, gives wines that are more limpido with increased aromatic and tannin stability.

The wine opens to a dark garnet color and shows bright aromas of dark cherry and plum. The aromas veer closer to red or purple fruit tones instead of black fruit characteristics.

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