Finest Call / Bloody Mary Mix / 1L

  • $7.00

This hearty recipe contains an abundance of vegetables, spices, peppers, lemon juice and pure tomato juice. We’ve added a few special ingredients, such as horseradish for a rich texture and jalapeno peppers for just a touch of heat. This full bodied Bloody Mary is great on its own as a wholesome morning drink or mixed with your favorite spirit for a distinctive cocktail all your own. Product Features 96% juice from California Roma tomatoes and a touch of lemon juice from California Lisbon and Eureka lemons Gourmet recipe features large spice granules, diced chunks of pepper, horseradish and cracked black pepper. Behind the Bar California style Bloody Mary Flavorful, but not spicy hot Hearty flavor and thick texture allow it to mix well with many styles of spirits.

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