Eric Chevalier / Val de Loire Chardonnay 2018 / 750mL

Eric Chevalier / Val de Loire Chardonnay 2018 / 750mL

  • $19.00

Imported by Kermit Lynch

Grape: Chardonnay

Geography: Loire Valley, France

Appellation: Val de Loire



The Loire Valley, with its near overabundance of top-quality and well-priced wines, is a veritable trove of value. It’s just hard to go wrong there. Looking for a white or red for the cellar? Try Savennières or Chinon. Perhaps you’d enjoy a bottle that has already been aged for you. Our Loire producers often hold back large portions of vintages to sell them in the future (hint… stay tuned for an email coming later in August). Sparkling, still, or sweet, the Loire delivers and therefore it’s no surprise that our top Chardonnay value doesn’t come from Burgundy, but from Éric Chevalier and his domaine on the western edge of the Loire Valley, not far from the Atlantic Ocean.

In this land of châteaux and sea breezes, Chardonnay soaks in the complex minerals of this region’s soils. Though you might be hard-pressed to point out the specific flavor of Serpentinite in a wine, this bottling has a distinct mineral aroma, like fresh rain on the rocky shores of a mountain river. But perhaps the most distinct characteristic of Éric’s Chardonnay is intrinsic to the grape itself. Good Chardonnay has texture and grain and that’s what you have here—it sinks into the palate and lasts and lasts.

Some wines deliver well beyond expectations and the Chevalier Chardonnay is one of them.



Farming and Vinification:

Lutte Resonnee / Organic since 2020

Natural fermentation by indigenous yeasts

Wines age on the lees for 8-10 months, and lees are stirred regularly

Wines are never racked or filtered

Bon Plan Gros Plant ferments in underground glass tanks and ages for 18 months on fine lees

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