Craigellachie / Scotch Single Malt 13 Year / 750mL

Craigellachie / Scotch Single Malt 13 Year / 750mL

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Clove-studded baked apples. Sulphury cordite. Hefty, malty, mazy in the mouth. Bonnie Sweet, but with fire in its belly.

Ultimate Beverage Challenge 93 points - Ripe mango flesh, baked apricot, sea salt, and burnt honey complete the nose. On the palate it is unctuous and marked by a delicate smokiness and strong mineral backbone with stone fruits and honey baked walnut. Finishes pleasantly with a touch of fruit..March/2015

Other 90 points - Light amber. The initial impression is one of bulk. There are heavy florals - think lilies and stewed white fruit, and just-overripe banana - but this is given a mysterious extra heft by an underpinning of a light meatiness, accompanied by a tiny lift of (good) sulfur. The palate is, unsurprisingly, thick and creamy with huge fruit that fills the mouth. A highly physical, old-style Speyside dram with classic distillery character. A statement whisky that is a must-try. (Winter 2014) Reviewed by: Dave Broom.August/2014

Whisky Advocate 90 points - Chewy, robust, and a bit old-fashioned in just the right way, Craigellachie is a meaty malt that leaves a strong impression. Enjoy bold fruit flavors and a lift of (good) sulfur-a welcome bit of character imparted by the distillery's use of worm tub condensers..August/2017

On a rock overlooking the river Spey sits a distillery called Craigellachie. At night, when the moon is full, you can see the worm tubs glisten. These long snaking tubes cool the liquid and bring out a strong, meaty flavor. The result, a single malt that's anything but smooth.

Learn more about this great bottle by watching this interview below with our Spirits Buyer, Anthony Levenson and Heidi Seidewand from Bacardi Single Malts:


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