Poderi Luigi Einaudi / Barolo  2001 / 750mL

Poderi Luigi Einaudi / Barolo 2001 / 750mL

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Grape: Nebbiolo

Geography: Piedmont, Italy

Appellation: Barolo


It is said that Luigi Einaudi never missed a harvest, even during the long years spent in Rome, as governor of the Banca d’Italia, Minister and President.

After him, the company was led by his second child Roberto, born in Dogliani, in the Farmhouse of San Giacomo. During his school years in Turin, he came into contact with significant figures of the period – Pavese, Bobbio, Mila – who left a profound mark on his professional growth.


At the end of the 1980s, Paola, Roberto’s daughter, left her job in Milan and moved to Dogliani, together with Giorgio Ruffo, her lifelong companion, to work alongside her father in managing the Poderi. With tenacity, enthusiasm and major investments, she realaunched the historic brand, achieved new commercial success and improved the quality of the wines, which, under her management, became extremely elegant, maintaining the territory’s typical qualities.

She strengthened the company’s base and created an excellent working group, still today the greatest heritage of Poderi Luigi Einaudi. She loved

the land and the people and played an active role in the community of Dogliani. According to her son, Matteo, Paola was “the one who most treasured the values of the family, the countryside and the land”.


Today, it is Matteo Sardagna, Paola’s son, who is at the helm of the company. He was educated at a Steinerian school and graduated in architecture.

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