Bar Dog / Cabernet Sauvignon / 750mL

Bar Dog / Cabernet Sauvignon / 750mL

  • $14.00

This is a good, solidly made wine with medium body and a pleasant mix of spicy oak and juicy fruit flavors. The texture goes easy on the palate. JIM GORDON (WineEnthusiast)


GRAPES: 95% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Petite Verdot, 2% Petite Sirah, 1% Merlot


TASTING NOTES: Proving once again that opposites do attract, Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon is polished and silky in texture. Beautiful blueberry aromas combine with ripe plum and cocoa flavors, mingling throughout the long, expressive finish.


Bar Dog Wine calls their monocle-wearing  “Bar Dog Companion” a “bone-vivant.” With a motto like “Life is Short. Paws to Refresh,” this winery is quietly supporting animal rescue — and the right to kick back with a good glass of red wine. The wine brand makes annual contributions to select organizations, with this year the recipients being Wine Country Animal Lovers in Napa Valley and the Dogwood Animal Rescue Project in Santa Rosa.

Their wine labels each feature a different vintage-style drawing of a Bar Dog. The inspiration for the Boston Terrier featured on the bottle of Bar Dog cabernet sauvignon, the first release of the series, comes from a dog named Pete. Pete was the beloved pet of a close family friend of the company’s president. Besides the cab, Bar Dog also has a pinot noir and red wine blend. [This Dog's Life]

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