Bosman Family Vineyards / Fides / Grenache Blanc Wellington

Bosman Family Vineyards / Fides / Grenache Blanc Wellington

  • $24.00

Grape: Grenache Blanc

Geography: Western Cape, South Africa

Appellation: Wellington

Features: Organic, Sustainable, Orange wine, Vegan, Fair Trade

From Wellington, South Africa, this orange wine, Fides, is made from a single vineyard of Grenache Blanc which is naturally fermented. The name Fides is taken from the Bosman family motto: ‘Fides, Spes et Amor’ meaning Faith, Hope and Love. On the nose, this organic, sustainable and vegan wine has complex dried, waxy orange peel, and marzipan with secondary fruit characters. Instead of simply tasting fruit or flowers, it tastes of bruised apple, pot pourri and candied peel. It has a savoury finish which marries well with complex food flavours such as dim sum, sticky pork or even slow roasted lamb and can be served slightly less chilled than a conventional white to allow the oak flavours a chance to express themselves.


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